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Sim Samra

Content marketer

I am a Content Marketer and one of the Foleon blog’s main curators. Born and bred in London. Honorary Amsterdammer. Liverpool FC supporter. Lover of carbs and puns. Horror movie fanatic.

Jerry Vitra

Content ops

I’m Foleon’s content governance police and quality gatekeeper. Besides telling people what to do, I enjoy creating written and visual content, wandering in nature, and consuming trash TV.

Julie van der Weele

Head of brand & comms

When I’m not thinking up B2B marketing strategies and processes, you’ll find me in the kitchen, at the yoga studio, or in my favorite chair with a cat and a book.

Sean Filidis

Senior copywriter

Writer, tech junkie, marketer, musician, traveler, photographer. At Foleon, I’m generally in charge of words and enforcing strict company-wide comma quotas.

Adrie Smith

Content strategist

I'm Foleon's content strategist, resident Oxford comma evangelist, and host of Foleon's podcast, [insert content here]. I'm a firm believer in pizza for breakfast and the superior quality of cuddles from sausage dogs.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”
Ben Franklin American polymath