Foleon for sales enablement

Empower your sales team to close more deals

Your sales team needs good content, and they need it yesterday. Foleon empowers your teams to create highly effective content themselves.

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Buyer enablement

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Engage prospects with interactive bespoke content

Quickly create engaging content experiences that are immersive, on-brand, and tailor-made for each account — no design expertise necessary. 

Remove bottlenecks for faster content output

Foleon provides the tools (and guardrails) for your sales teams to produce remarkable content at a rapid pace while staying true to your brand.

Integrates with the best platforms

Integrate Foleon with your existing systems and connect to your CRM, marketing automation platform, or use Zapier to instantly integrate with 2,000+ other apps.

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Track and understand your prospect’s buying intent

See which pages and topics prospects engage with right in your CRM so you know exactly how and when to start your next conversation.

Continually improve with rich engagement data

Built-in conversion and engagement insights allow you to optimize not only your content but the entire customer journey.

Sales enablement powered by smart content

Know what your prospects engaged with prior to calling

See every bit of content your prospect consumed — down to the page level — right in your CRM.

Quickly identify hot leads based on in-content engagement

Get alerts and trigger marketing automations whenever a prospect meets certain engagement criteria.

No coding or design skills required

Give those closest to your audience the ability to create content without excessive reliance on designers.

Stay on-brand with our custom templates and themes

Never worry about publishing or distributing content that doesn't meet your brand guidelines.

Deliver bespoke content — fast

Our intuitive editor gives autonomy to your sales teams and allows them to create consistently stunning content.

Keep sales assets secure with advanced audience controls

For sensitive content, use passwords, SSO, or even one-time passwords to keep assets secure.

Foleon & CMI White Paper

The Experience Matters: Four Challenges Marketers Must Address to Overcome Content Creation Barriers

Why the time is now for B2B marketers to develop modern digital content experiences.

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Overcome Content Creation-Barriers
We were really excited to see higher engagement metrics, and how it accelerated our design process. We're now able to produce content 4 times faster than before.
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Drive sales success with smarter content

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