Foleon for Lead Generation

Fill your funnel with intelligent content

Create interactive data-capture assets that provide rich insights into your audience’s behavior and intent.

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Lead generation

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Lead generation content marketing

Identify highly engaged leads faster and send them directly to your sales team

See how leads actually engage with various sections of your content so you can apply lead scoring and trigger intelligent followup.

Gate content upfront or boost fill-rates further by mid-gating your content

Use Foleon’s built-in lead generation forms, or use forms from your preferred CRM or marketing automation platform.

Integrates with the best platforms

Integrate Foleon with your existing systems and connect to your CRM, marketing automation platform, or use Zapier to instantly integrate with 2,000+ other apps.

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Understand your leads’ interests and intent for more personalized follow up

Unlike PDFs, which can’t be tracked, Foleon analyzes your readers’ behavior and presents that information right on their CRM timelines.

Clearly see the ROI of your gated content and spot areas that need improvement

Measure the value of each page, in each piece of content, with conversion and engagement insights that allow you to optimize not only your content but the entire journey.

Fill your pipeline with more leads and better data

Embedded forms let you track shares and pass-along

See every time your content is shared and capture the data from those people as well.

See each individual lead’s journey right in your CRM

Automatically segment leads into groups based on their level of in-content engagement or topics of interest.

Identify hot leads based on in-content engagement

Unlike PDF and other offline formats, with Foleon you can see how your leads engage with your content.

Change form placement for optimum conversion rates

Place your lead gen form at the beginning, or anywhere in the middle to optimize conversion rates.

Understand your leads’ engagement for intelligent followup

Track how users engage with all your content and see their interactions right in your CRM.

Use retargeting pixels for multi-channel campaigns

Ensure that you can continue engaging with prospects on other channels even after they've left your content.

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The Experience Matters: Four Challenges Marketers Must Address to Overcome Content Creation Barriers

Why the time is now for B2B marketers to develop modern digital content experiences.

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Overcome Content Creation Barriers
We have seen a 20 percent increase in sign-ups for our weekly content because of the ability to add sign-up forms within our content.
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Fuel your funnel with intelligent content

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